“By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before." - Edwin Elliot

individual psychological therapy



Individual psychotherapy is truly an act of self care in the midst of our overwhelmingly busy daily lives. It's an investment in YOU because you're worth it! The problem with running around busily every day is that we lose the present moment. We start to disconnect from ourselves and others and over time, we can lose a sense of who we are and where we're headed. What follows are usually symptoms of anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt and self-doubt, and problems in our relationships. There are many other reasons for seeing a therapist such as symptoms of post-traumatic stress, complicated grief as the result of losing of a loved one, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behavior, feelings of insecurity, stage of life change, divorce, marriage, parenting, and just plain stress. That list is a bit overwhelming, isn't it? Our emotional health and the complexity of relationships is not something the average person is trained on or has seen modeled for them by their parents and yet many expect they should be able to figure it all out by themselves.  Whatever it is that brings you to therapy, we will work though it and you can experience a rejuvenated life filled with joy and success. 

adolescent psychological therapy

As we begin our work together, I will create a non-judgmental space for you to feel safe, known and accepted. We will start out with a thorough intake assessment where I will get a sense of your strengths and struggles and their underlying roots.  Together we'll create a treatment plan for change. Within the context of our relationship, masks can be removed and you can truly be yourself in a way that may have seemed impossible in other relationships. You can absolutely live a life more fulfilled and in line with your values and it feels so good!

couples psychological therapy




Couples often consider seeking out therapy when they have become unhappy in their relationship. They may be experiencing repetitive arguments, mistrust, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, anger, resentment or lack of interest in a physical relationship with one another. Couples often feel like the relationship is stuck and they are repeating the same conversations about it without any change. These struggles can build up and worsen over time if not effectively resolved. 


In couples sessions, I will give you the support you need to revitalize your relationship in a safe and neutral space. The truth is that you are not alone. In fact, most couples run into difficulties because they never learned the tools and skills necessary to create and maintain a healthy relationship for the long term. Having an objective third party present to help you effectively express your feelings to your partner can be quite helpful and learning skills to listen to and affirm one another's feelings builds trust. Couple’s therapy is also useful in that it can help the couple move from tense conflict to a more emotionally and intimately connected experience where the couple’s differences are celebrated or collaboratively and constructively resolved.  Couples can learn how to communicate more clearly and honestly, build trust and respect for one another, turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and work as a team for a relationship that lasts. 


"Authentic self is the soul made visible." -Sarah Ban Breathnach